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    Shikoku is located in the Tokushima prefecture. The only village of Tokushima Prefecture, Sanagochi-son is located 20 minutes away from Tokushima city, the Prefectural capital. In the middle of the village, in the terraced fields, there is an area called Yamagami. This is the area of Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden, which was established by Matsuyama. We gradually started the process in 2019 by establishing a plantation as well as a factory.

    In the plantation we are cultivating organic Japanese citrus fruit (Yuzu/Sudachi/Bitter orange). In the factory we extract essential oil from the thick outer peel of the fruit. To extract the essential oil, we are challenging ourselves by using an extraction method that is rare in Japan. This method uses metal nails to strongly scrape only the outer peel, and then crushes the rough oil sac on the surface to squeeze out essential oil. The pulp and the thin peel surrounding the pulp are squeezed separately from the outer peel to extract the juice, so that the juice and the essential oil do not come into contact. By using this method, essential oil and fruit juices can be obtained in a fresh state. We make jam from juice residue such as pulp and the thin peel to use up very last bit.

    Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden is more than just a place where things are produced. We would like to make it a place where people can expand their social circles in harmony. Therefore, the factory was designed not to be a square and a large robotic box, but to have a separate main house and barn for reminiscent of a farmhouse. For both the villagers and those who come from outside the village, we will create a place where you can comfortably enjoy a cup of tea, as well as a terrace type veranda.

    The goal of Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden is regeneration and circulation. Regeneration means that unused things are reborn with a new value. Circulation means drawing a circle and returning to its original state.

    In Tokushima Japanese citrus, such as Yuzu, Sudachi and Bitter orange are being produced. In particular, Sudachi boasts the highest production volume in Japan. However, not all fruits are harvested, and the fact is that some are left without care. Therefore, at the Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden, unpicked fruits that have not been able to produce value are used as raw materials for extracting essential oils, reborning as valuable things. We will create a cycle of purchasing unprocessed fruits from farmers at fair prices, processing and selling them, increasing profits and buying fruits again.

    By making more effort, we can attract people from outside the village. New people will live and work together in the village. This will make the village more energized and people from outside the village may want to visit the village again. This circulation of people is what we want to achieve.

    Instead of doing anything special, we will create the sustainable society required today through “regeneration and circulation” . It will take five to ten years to complete the Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden.