Developing healthy skin care habits
starting from the age of 0

The habit of "washing and moisturizing" is even more important for infants than it is for adults due to the fact that infants are very susceptible to dryness and easily affected by external stressors.
Let's choose mild ingredients that don't burden the skin to cleanse the skin.
Leads the skin into a healthy condition by supplementing the function of the sebum film that keeps the moisture in and helps the barrier function.



Characteristics of baby's skin

  • Skin thickness is between 1/2 and 1/3 compared to the skin thickness in adults
  • Although the surface area of the skin is small, the number of sweat glands is the same as that of adults
  • The secretion of sebum is 1/3 compared to adults ※ from 2-3 months after birth
Changes in sebum secretion from newborns

In addition, there are characteristics peculiar to the growth process, such as a low amount of natural moisturizing factors in the stratum corneum, low amount of intercellular lipids and fast turnover. The common impression is that the skin of an infant is plump but it is actually very delicate and susceptible to damage. Proper skin care not only protects the delicate baby skin, but also leads to healthy skin.



Washes, protects the necessary moisture,
no cleansing ingredients are left on the skin

Sweat, drool, and allergens (such as food and mites) that irritate the skin of infants should be gently removed as soon as possible.

Commitment to choosing cleanising ingredients[Soap-based formulation]
As the main cleansing ingredient, we chose soap (derived from weakly alkaline plants), which is effective for acidic stains such as excess sebum and dirt. Adjusted cleansing power and rich foam to reduce irritation caused by friction. Rinses off quickly, and no cleansing ingredients remain on the skin. Cleanses the skin of delicate infants without burdening the skin.
Commitment to manufacturing methods[Cold process method]
With this method the soap is slowly aged for 30 days. Since about 4% of the plant oil remains in the finished moisturizing soap, after washing, this product keeps the skin that is dry and lacks of sebum moisturized. With this method the soap also foams well, has efficient cleansing properties and easily washes off.
Commitment to manufacturing methods[Pot boiling method]
A soap with creamy foam suitable for the whole body reduces friction to the skin when washing. Based on cleansing ingredients made by the pot boiling method, using palm kernel oil and flower oil as a raw material. Natural glycerin contained in vegetable oil softens the dryness and tightness of the skin after washing.

Washes while protecting the barrier function of fragile baby skin

  • With a good
    amount of foam
    in hands
  • Washing
    the skin folds
  • Rinse properly
    but gently
  • Gently dry
    placing the towel
    on the skin



Supplementing the barrier function with three ingredients
that compensate for the sebum film

Contains well-balanced ingredients similar to sebum. Protects the skin of infants from dryness, external irritation, sweat and drool, and helps the skin to achieve a healthy state.

[Jojoba oil]
Protects the moisture of the skin supplements the barrier function
Has a component similar to wax ester that is the main component of sebum. Absorbs well into the skin compensating for the function of the sebum film.
Keeps the skin soft
emollient effect
Oil that has a texture close to human sebum and feels nice on the skin. Maintains the elasticity of the skin and has an excellent emollient effect.
[Shea butter]
Creates a protecting film on the surface of the skin
protects the moisture
A solid fat that melts at body temperature. Has an excellent permeability to the stratum corneum and protects the skin surface by creating a film.

Protecting the skin from dryness and external stressors.

  • Moisturize
    within 10 min
    from bathing
  • Apply
    after warming moisturizer
    between palms
  • A proper amount,
    without rubbing
  • Using a moisturizer
    to fit the state
    of skin

Hypoallergenic formula that can be used from the age of 0


There are 6 ingredients we don't use to avoid skin irritation,
for protecting the skin of sensitive and delicate infants.

Mineral oil
Patch tested* Allergy tested*
*Not guaranteed that there is no possibility of allergy or skin irritation.


We created HADAHUG by making use of Matsuyama's experience in the traditional method of producing soaps, and creating skin care and body care products for sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic skin care with washing and moisturizing products helps to lead the infant's skin into a healthy state.